A helping hand for your patients and your practice

The OneGene Program is a patient support service from Novartis Gene Therapies that helps support you and your patients at every step of the treatment journey, whenever there is a need, to help ensure your patients receive the one-time gene therapy in a timely manner.

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The OneGene Program comprises a knowledgeable team who are ready to help you by:

  • Answering questions about ZOLGENSMA
  • Offering dedicated, personalized support
  • Assisting and guiding caregivers with reminders about the process before, during and after treatment
  • Verifying your patients’ insurance benefits
  • Providing support on financial assistance programs for eligible patients

Help enroll your patient in the OneGene Program

ZOLGENSMA Prescription and Patient Consent Forms

OneGene OneTeam OnePurpose:

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As your experienced OneGene team, we are here to support your patients and their families. We also collaborate with you to offer additional, customizable nonclinical support on matters pertaining to your patients’ health insurance and provide guidance on any reimbursement-related questions for your practice.

The OneGene Team does not take the place of your medical expertise. We always encourage patients and family members to be in touch with you for specific medical questions and guidance and to receive the most accurate and appropriate information.

To learn more, contact the OneGene Program at 855-441-GENE (4363), Monday-Friday (8 AM to 8 PM ET), or your Regional Account Associate Director (RAAD)

Case Coordinator

Your OneGene Program team includes a Case Coordinator, an additional resource for your practice who will:

  • Assist your practice with benefits investigation and verification processes
  • Help with buy and bill and ZOLGENSMA reimbursement
  • Provide support on financial assistance programs for eligible patients
  • Track ZOLGENSMA from prescription to delivery at your institution

Your Case Coordinator can also direct you and your office to SMA diagnostic anti-adeno-associated virus 9 (AAV9) antibody testing and reimbursement through the Novartis Gene Therapies Laboratory Testing Program

Your Case Coordinator is an extra set of hands providing your staff with access and reimbursement support for your patients prescribed ZOLGENSMA

Family Ambassador

Once your patient has been enrolled in the OneGene Program, a Family Ambassador will welcome the family to the program and be available to:

  • Provide program resources based on their individual needs
  • Answer any questions that arise on SMA and ZOLGENSMA
  • Provide logistical support for treatment, including
    • Guidance on the pre- and post-infusion oral corticosteroid regimen
    • Post-infusion follow-up care planning

The Family Ambassador is an additional reassuring, supportive voice for your patient’s family/caregiver when they need one

Help for paying for treatment may be available

The OneGene Program may help your patient’s family / caregiver find programs that provide additional financial resources to support them

The ZOLGENSMA CopayAssist™ Program for eligible, commercially insured US residents

Novartis Gene Therapies Patient Assistance Program for ZOLGENSMA is available for qualified patients and their families. Contact OneGene for more information

To learn more, contact the OneGene Program at 855-441-GENE (4363), Monday-Friday (8 AM to 8 PM ET), or your Regional Account Associate Director (RAAD)

Resources to support your practice

You can find additional resources to help your practice with access and reimbursement support for patients prescribed ZOLGENSMA, including

ZOLGENSMA Prescription Form

Download the ZOLGENSMA Prescription Form that is required for all patients who are prescribed ZOLGENSMA. This completed form must be submitted by your office.

ZOLGENSMA Best Practices Tool

Download this interactive tool that outlines best practices and key steps in acquiring insurance approval for your patients prescribed ZOLGENSMA.

ZOLGENSMA Patient Consent Form

Download and provide your patients the ZOLGENSMA Patient Consent form to get them started.

ZOLGENSMA HCP Coding and Billing Guide

This guide provides necessary information and assists you in obtaining insurance reimbursement for ZOLGENSMA.


Access a variety of tools and materials to help support your office throughout the ZOLGENSMA treatment pathway.