Peer-reviewed publications

Download the pieces below to access engaging summaries of peer-reviewed publications on ZOLGENSMA trials, safety data, and data from clinical practice. You may access the full article within each reprint.

Chand 2021: Liver safety data from 325 patients treated with ZOLGENSMA


Waldrop 2020: 21 patients treated (1-23 months old) in Ohio


Day 2021: Results from STR1VE, a Phase 3 clinical trial


Before treatment

Refer patients for treatment
To locate a treatment center that can administer ZOLGENSMA: Email or contact the MDA Resource Center
at 1-833-ASK-MDA1 or

Novartis Gene Therapies is offering the Novartis Gene Therapies Laboratory Program to assist with genetic and anti-AAV9 antibody testing. For more information, please contact your Novartis Gene Therapies Regional Account Associate Director or call the OneGene Program® at 1-855-441-GENE (4363)

ZOLGENSMA Prescription and Patient Consent Forms


Reimbursement support

ZOLGENSMA Coding and Billing Guide


J-code Flashcard for ZOLGENSMA


Patient and caregiver support 

Get support for you, your patients, and their families through the OneGene Program®

Patient advocacy groups

Patient advocacy organizations and other disease foundations can help caregivers and families contend with a new diagnosis, learn about SMA, and build meaningful connections.

Learn more about advocacy groups that support and educate families living with SMA at

Prepare for infusion

ZOLGENSMA Treatment Guide


Post treatment

Post Treatment Plan for Caregivers


Prescribing Information

Full Prescribing Information