Dosing and infusion

For single-dose intravenous infusion only

Postpone infusion in patients with concurrent infections until the infection has resolved. Clinical signs or symptoms of infection should not be evident at the time of ZOLGENSMA administration.1

ZOLGENSMA is a suspension administered as an intravenous infusion over 60 minutes. A programmable syringe pump should be used to infuse the full volume of ZOLGENSMA.1

How ZOLGENSMA is supplied

ZOLGENSMA is provided as a kit customized to meet weight-based dosing requirements for individual patients.1

See the preparation, dosing, and infusion process for ZOLGENSMA

Download the ZOLGENSMA Treatment Guide

Take an in-depth look at the steps to treatment and learn how to store, handle, and infuse ZOLGENSMA.

The recommended dose of ZOLGENSMA is 1.1 × 1014 vector genomes per kilogram (vg/kg) of body weight.1 Review the ZOLGENSMA Treatment Guide and the Full Prescribing Information for further dosing details

ZOLGENSMA Treatment Guide


Systemic corticosteroid regimen

To help manage a possible increase in liver aminotransferases following infusion with ZOLGENSMA, all patients should receive systemic corticosteroids prior to and following ZOLGENSMA infusion, as recommended1:

The recommended treatment regimen is detailed in the Prescribing Information and in the accompanying chart.

If oral corticosteroid therapy is not tolerated, consider intravenous corticosteroids as clinically indicated.


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